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Mentor Teacher Binder Cover with Teacher
Mentor Teacher Binder Cover with Teacher

Tazewell County Public Schools Mentor Teacher Program

The objectives of the Mentor Teacher Program are to support and retain new teachers that have potential to become outstanding educators, improve teacher performance, support teacher morale, and facilitate a seamless transition into their first year of teaching. In August, each new teacher is assigned a mentor whose job, under the leadership of the principal, is to provide assistance and professional support to teachers entering the profession. Then mentor will also support and assist the new teacher with the curriculum framework, pacing guide, SOL testing (if applicable) and with procedures and routines of the school and classroom. 

The mentoring program not only benefits the inexperienced teacher to gain insights on effective techniques but for the experienced teacher to gain fresh concepts and ideas. Meetings are scheduled daily, weekly, and/or monthly based on individual needs of the new teacher. Formative feedback is given on issues such as summative/formative assessment, curriculum, best practices, collaboration, lesson plans, SMART goals, the seven standards of the teacher evaluation process, parent/teacher conferences, instructional strategies, etc.


Why is a Mentor Important?

It is widely understood that collegial nurturing by experienced professionals can enhance the instructional skills of new teachers. As a Mentor you will be able to help our new teachers: 

  • Implement effective classroom leadership strategies
  • Regularly use proven and research based instructional techniques
  • Develop appropriate relationships with the students, as well as with their colleagues
  • Establish positive communication with parents/guardians of their students
  • Be professional role models
  • Focus on student growth and success
  • Stay in the profession
  • With advice, guidance and emotional support
  • Reduce stress
  • Become Successful


Specific Know exactly what you are wanting to accomplish
Measurable How will you know you met your goal?
Achievable Make sure your goal is not too far to reach but far enough to be challenging
Relevant Link the goal to something important to you, something that inspires you
Timely When do you want your goal to be met?



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