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Vicki  Bailey
Administrative Clerk/ Clerk of the Board
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Suzanne  Barton
Food Service Bookkeeper
1502  Ext:1502
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Beverly   Beavers
Human Resources Clerk
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Cynthia  Beavers
TCCTC Principal/ Technology Supervisor/ CTE Supervisor
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David  Beavers
Supervisor of Maintenance
Email David Beavers
Karen  Blevins
Technology/ Instructional Computing Specialist/ ITRT
Email Karen Blevins
Glayde  Brown
Director of Middle School Education/ Title II, Title III, and Title V Coordinator
Email Glayde Brown
Jessica  Cox
Director of Budget and Finance
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George  Godbey
Textbooks and Truancy
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Cheryl  Hankins
Title I Secretary/Bookkeeper
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Deidra  Hill
Deputy Superintendent
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Tim  Jessee
Food Services Manager
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David  Lambert
Email David Lambert
Vickie  Lester
Payroll Clerk
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Jimmy  McGee
Director of Secondary Education
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Richard  Mullins
Transportation Supervisor
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Kayla  Myers
Instructional Clerk/ Deputy Clerk of the Board
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Carrie  Hale  Pruett
Special Services/ Medicaid Bookkeeper
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Cynthia   Oliver
Accounts Payable Clerk
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Melinda  K. Smith
Director of Special Services/ Homebound
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Dr. Chris  Stacy
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Judy  Starling
Maintenance Secretary
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Sarah  Taylor
Director of Human Resources
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Sandy  VanDyke
Health Services Supervisor
Email Sandy VanDyke
Kristina  Welch
Director of Elementary Education/ Title I
Email Kristina Welch
Sara  Whitt
Email Sara Whitt
Dr. Gary  Williams
Director of Special Projects
Email Dr. Williams
Debbie  Willis
Bookkeeper/ Secretary
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